Customers are searching for Tapsley!

They can easily find your in-store and online promotions that keep them returning again & again.Join the mobile marketing revolution by providing your customers and potential customers with their own Tapsley personal shopping & savings App!

Attract new customers

Quick and easy mobile and online presence within minutes. New customers can find you quickly via the Tapsley 'Near me' feature

Showcase your business to new mobile shoppers

  • Tapsley Discovery

    With Tapsley you can quickly and easily build your very own mobile and online presence. Describe your business, show off your business brand, tell potential customers why your business is unique, the brands your stock, the services you provide and let Tapsley do the rest for you.

    With Tapsley, you get your own profile on the Tapsley app, allowing a new bread of mobile shoppers discover your business. Tapsley even provides you with an online presence, helping you build a digital presence across all the devices your customers use, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  

  • Let Tapsley introduce you to new customers

    With Tapsley puts your business on the map right in the hands of your new customers. With the Tapsley mobile app, customers simply "tap" the "Near Me" feature and they discover your business locations. Tapsley even provides them with informaiotion on the facilities you provide, the services you offer and directions from their current position to your front door.

    Customers can then see your business profile in full, interact with you via the Tapsley app and discover any incentives that you may provide them with for shopping with you.

    There is in excess of 42m smartphone users in the UK alone, each one on average checking their phone every 6 minutes. How many of them are in your local area? How many of them to date haven't discovered your business? Tapsley gives you that opportunity to finaly engage with those customers, placing your business firmly in their hands.  

Increase sales with Big Data

Tapsley provides you with customer buying habits and trends, allowing you to build effective promotions to target customers and influence repeat purchases

Target customers at precisely the right time and place


  • Learn about your customer

    Learning about your customers helps you understand what they expect, want and desire. The more you know about your customer the more you can help them and provide an exceptional customer experience. If you know what your customer likes, then you can target them better with the brands, products and services that you sell.

    Tapsley provides you with your own Tapsley CRM (Customer Relationship Management) dashboard. From here you can learn about your customers buying habits and any information they wish to share with you.

  • Target your customers

    By knowing your customers you can target them with offers that they want. Providing a personalised service is rewarding for your customers, and Tapsley helps you do just that, targeting your marketing and communications efforts down to actual individual customers.

    Tapsley can create personalised deals and offers and tailor these for specific individuals. You can even specify a geographic region in which the deal is only valid, making sure your customer only received that deal when they can actually use it. Taplsey can then distribute those personalised deals down to individuals, accompanied with a personalised message. You can even push a notification down to their phone, waking it up (similar to a text message) at a time and place that works for your customer.

Instant shopping

Tapsley lets your customers take you with them wherever they go. Your customers can shop and spend with you anytime anywhere

Turn your marketing leaflets, adverts and banners into your own Point Of Sale


  • Build your mobile store

    Tapsley lets you define your own products and services, building your very own mobile store. Your Tapsley mobile store is then available 24/7 from your customers Tapsley mobile app, allowing them to browse, search and buy from you instantly from their mobile phone.

    When building your mobile store Tapsley, each of your products/services gets its very own unique Tapsley QR Code. Each QR code identifies your store and the product/service you want to sell uniquely.

  • Marketing direct to your customers

    The Taplsey Instant Shopping experience lets you sell to your customers from any advertising materials, banners, billboards, leaflets even create your very own "Pop Up" store. Simply include the Tapsley QR Code with your item you wish to sell and you can turn any material into an actual point of sale for your business.

    With Tapsley your shop is available on their mobile 24/7. Customers new and loyal can browse through your store right there on their very own mobile device. Customers view your products, read about them in depth and view images. Adding to their shopping cart couldnt be easier, just a single "tap" and the item is in their shopping cart.

    Checking out and paying for items is a seamless experience for your customers. No need to enter cumbersome card details, or even to provide an address for shipping/delivery, simply "check-out" and you've completed your sale. With Tapsley you can also enjoy great transaction processing fees, enjoy digital payments for as little as 1.85% per transaction. Not only does your customer enjoy a great purchasing experience, they also enjoy a seamless one. Any deals, vouchers, loyalty rewards that are available for that customer are instantly applied by Tapsley. Finally, Tapsley also helps you fullfil your customers order!

  • Scan and deliver

    Instant shopping allows your business to sell in new ways. By including a Tapsley QR code with the item you wish to sell, customers can use their Tapsley app to "scan" the product, purchase it in a few taps and select from collecting in your store, to having delivered at home or delivered to an access point convenient for them. Tapsley takes care of the complete process, from creating the QR Codes, to helping you manage orders and completing your customer deliveries.

Reward your customers

Incentivise customers with personalised deals, discounts & gift cards

Retain and reward customers with your own branded loyalty scheme

  • Loyal Customers

    Customers have an expectation that their favourite brands and stores will provide them with some form of loyalty scheme. It's an expectation that comes from big businesses understanding how to retain their customer base. Customer retention is key to growing a business. 80% of a businesses revenues typically come from just 20% of that businesses customers. That means by growing your loyal customer base by just a fraction, has a massive impact on your revenues.

    Loyalty programs are typically costly to implement and can be cumbersome. In many cases, adding loyalty to the checkout process can cause queues and harm the customer experience. With Tapsley though, a loyalty program can be set up in moments as part of your Tapsley optimise package.  

  • Build your loyalty scheme

    With Tapsley you can build your very own loyalty scheme in moments, all part of your Optimise package and at no extra cost. Define your brand, the type of loyalty you want to create and simply follow the on-screen wizard and set your own limits for:

    The monetary value of your loyalty points

    How many loyalty points are allocated to a shoppers spend

    When and how a customer redeems their points

    At the point of checkout, you need not worry about cumbersome processes of customers showing their Tapsley loyalty scheme you have built, rather Tasplsey does all the hard work for your customer and for your staff, automatically allocating points and rewarding customers when the time is right.

  • Keeping in touch

    With Tapsley you can use your loyalty scheme to keep in touch with your loyal customers. Your loyalty scheme provides you with a two way conversation opporuntiy with each and every individual member of your loyalty scheme. You can send out personal messages and notifications directly to their smartphone. You can incentivise them personally with deals and discounts just for that individual customer, providing them with a rich, rewarding and personal service.

    Your customers can even use loyalty to manage the information they want to share with you, allowing you to provide them with the products and services that most appeal to them.